Truss & Rigging System Rental

Truss & Rigging System Solution

Truss & Rigging System Rental

A truss rigging system is indispensable in an event if you want to provide clear sightlines to the stage area. It also helps create a clutter-free floor area where the audience can freely move around without the risk of bumping into the equipment used for the stage such as lighting and sound equipment and cables.

Even as an event organiser, you are not expected to be acquiring and operating a truss rigging system, but you do need a truss rigging system rental service.

We Offer Professional Truss Rigging System Rental in Singapore

Ivan and Levine Entertainment can help with all your event and stage setup needs. We are a professional truss rigging system rental company. We have rigging of different types and sizes to meet the needs of each event. Our trusses operate as a suspension system for equipment and materials that will be used for the stage and program including lighting, projectors, speakers, and their cabling.

Our system can enhance the theatrical effectiveness of your lighting, audiovisual, staging, and creative components not to mention facilitating a clear view of the stage and the free movement of people around your event.

We provide the services associated with your use of our truss rigging system. We take care of the planning, design, delivery, setup, operation, and dismantling, and shipment back of the equipment to our shop. We make sure the whole process is hassle-free when you rent our system.

Complete Solutions for Your Next Event

Truss rigging solutions are a must-have if you are planning a concert or musical performance, festival, product launch, fashion show or catwalk, corporate event and presentation, or theatrical production. Call the experts who have the experience and the track record of performance in supporting event organisers with their truss rigging needs –Ivan and Levine Entertainment. Let us know your requirements so we can guide you with the choice of the right system appropriate for your event.

Truss Rental

Stage lighting to illuminate theatrical productions, concerts, and other performances taking place in live performance venues

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Similar to the lighting itself 
the consoles are a key driver used in theatrical lighting design to control multiple lights at once.

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