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Now more than ever, the appeal of live streaming among audiences and hosts has grown significantly. Not only because of a global pandemic that limited the movement and gathering of people in a physical venue, but also because the convenience and wide reach of live streaming events are perceived as beneficial, and economical in most industries, especially in Singapore, where people and companies rapidly utilise technological advancement and embrace the convenience that it brings.

Whether you’re looking to live stream a personal event, a corporate meeting, a speaking engagement, a party, a graduation ceremony, or any other social event to your audience in Singapore and all over the world, the quality of the stream is of the highest importance. The audience is watching remotely, which also means that they can get disconnected, disengage, or get distracted, problems that are not much of a concern when you do an in-person event. With the help of a professional live streaming service, you can ensure that your live streaming event happens without a glitch.

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Here at Ivan and Levine Entertainment, we like to ensure your live streaming event will go off without a hitch. We like to do rehearsal and pre-testing so that all systems are ready to go. We also provide assistance if you need advice on content, scripting, and some ideas on how to improve engagement of your live stream. Contact us for a professional live stream service today.

The Importance of Hiring Professionals for Live Streaming Services

To ensure you’re engaged with your audience you need to have a steady and secure server, engaging content, and high-quality streams. As an event host, all of these things can be too much to deal with on top of organising the whole event as well. That’s why it’s practical to hire highly skilled professionals to handle your end-to-end live streaming solution. Other than being stress-free at your event, here are the other reasons why you should hire a professional live streaming expert:

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We Provide Live Streaming Services for Your Event in Singapore

For any event in Singapore that you want to broadcast to viewers anywhere in the world, Ivan and Levine Entertainment is your trusted professional live streaming service provider. We have a wide range of services that can help produce high-quality streams to engage, educate, and entertain your audience:

On-location live streaming​
Our crew and equipment will come to your location in Singapore to set up our end-to-end live streaming solution. Whether it’s your office, a studio, a large hall, or even an outdoor location, never worry about equipment and connection for your live streaming event.

Green-screen streaming
Our studio is fully equipped with all the instruments you’ll need for high-quality streaming for your social media or your brand. Our green screen studio is perfect for a customised small-scale-streaming event that can reach thousands worldwide.

Simultaneous streaming
We can manage your zoom virtual event and handle all the technicalities. We also provide simultaneous streaming to multiple platforms including Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and other platforms.​ and accounts.

Pre-recorded streaming
We can put together prerecorded footages of various speakers and presenters and embed pre-prepared slides and graphics and other existing content such as videos, audio, and into your live stream in seamless integration.

Interactive tools
Utilise interactive tools by integrating them into your live stream. We manage live questions and answers, chats, polls, and other forms of feedback in real-time during your live stream.

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FAQ for Live Streaming Service

​We will require audio and visual equipment such as cameras, microphones and mixers to record the content to be broadcasted. It is also necessary to have a stable network connection which can be either through WIFI or LAN cable. The content will then be broadcasted through any available Content Delivery Network of your choice.

​The live streaming content will be broadcasted to any Content Delivery Network that is most suitable for you. These networks include public social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo. We can also stream on private platforms if your content is meant for restricted guests.

​We will provide testing to ensure that the internet connection is stable before commencing the broadcast. We will also provide a backup internet connection in case of any failure.

​You are able to invite as many remote guests as you can, there is no limit to the number of guests onboard. We will be able to recommend the most optimal technology and equipment to support your live stream no matter the audience size.

​Yes, we can provide live streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously without affecting the quality of the content.

Yes we are able to conduct a live stream using a roving or moving camera. Though stationary cameras are more commonly used as they are a more affordable option, we do have moving options available as well. Moving cameras that provide dynamic views and angles can help to enhance the visual experience and increase the quality of your production.

​We are able to broadcast both live and pre-recorded content. The pre-recorded segment can be played in between live segments and we will be able to switch accordingly. 

​Depending on the viewer’s network connection and device capabilities, the live stream content will be displayed in various resolutions including 1080p, 720p, 480p and 360p. The quality of the video will be adjusted to the most optimal resolution that the device and network can support.