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A product launch is a critical event that can spell the difference between a successful future business and wasted resources for your company. Properly organised and executed, it can effectively highlight the positive quality of your new product and make waves. When shabbily launched, however, it would let you lose the valuable opportunity of introducing it with a bang, waste all the resources you have spent on it, and virtually kill your product’s market potential.

Intelligent planning and diligence should be put into a product launch. It will be practical to avail the services of professionals in your product launch for a much greater chance of success.

We Offer Professional Product Launch Solution in Singapore

Ivan and Levine Entertainment hasn’t just been a witness to how winning companies were able to successfully handle product launches; we have worked with some of them in Singapore.

As with our past clients, we’ll help you take the valuable opportunity to showcase your newest product to stakeholders including investors, customers, and influencers. With our support on the launching event, you can effectively highlight your product’s attributes, create a serious hype around it on the way to boosting initial sales, and building or strengthening your brand’s reputation.

We can create an environment conducive to your product launch. We provide rental and technical support for the equipment you will need for your important event including:
Pipes and drapes for the stage and venue
Stage lighting and design
Audio facilities including microphones, amplifiers, and speakers
Visual equipment such as projectors, projector screens, and wide-screen TVs
Camera equipment and video recorders

Complete Solutions for Your Next Product Launch

For your next product launch, hire our rental and support services. You can count on us for a complete solution for your crucial event that could generate the sales and profit you have always desired for your business.

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