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Gala Dinner Solution

A gala dinner is a special event a large number of guests prepare for with great anticipation. Being a rare occasion, it prompts attendees to prepare for it including being in one of their best attires. As an organiser of the event, it is incumbent upon you to ensure that all the aspects of the preparation for the event are carried out to meet high audience expectations. Hiring the services of experienced professionals specialised in gala dinner solutions will be a prudent decision.

We Offer Professional Gala Dinner Solution in Singapore

You have Ivan and Levine Entertainment to go to for support with organising your gala dinner. We are a professional service provider for everything you will need for your special event. We specialise in the technical support and equipment rental required for the occasion.

You should choose a space with the right size for your expected guests, not too large that looks too sparse or too small where guests will feel cramped. Once you have identified your venue, you can leave the stage and venue setup, equipment installation, and their operation to us.

We have the most advanced equipment and technology and skilled professionals who can support you with running your program with the following:
Stage lighting including light effects  
Pipes and drapes
Sound system including microphones, amplifiers, and speakers
Projectors and projector screens or TV screens
Camera system
Truss rigging system including Kabuki drop system if needed. 

Complete Solutions for Your Next Gala Dinner

If you are planning a gala dinner anywhere in Singapore, contact Ivan and Lavine for professional support. Let us know your theme if any, needs, budget, and special requirements and we’ll take it from there. We are experienced and share our clients’ vision for their event. We consider your success our fulfilment.

Planning & Strategy

We understand that every event is specialized and unique. We offer solutions taking into consideration your theme, budget and audience, and venue requirements.

Preparation & Develop

With our huge inventory, we are fully equipped to support your events from lighting, audio, projection to staging needs. Offering the most ideal combination of equipment specially tailored for you.


Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Feel free to seek our professional advice and once you are 100% satisfied, we are ready to launch!

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The prices for all our equipment rental are competitive and affordable. We provide only the most ideal and cost-effective solutions to our esteemed clients.

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