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Welcome to Ivan & Levine, your premier choice for sound system rental in Singapore. Whether you need high-quality audio equipment for a corporate event, wedding, or private party, we offer comprehensive PA system rental solutions tailored to meet your needs. Explore our top-notch sound systems designed to deliver exceptional sound clarity and reliability for any occas

Not all sounds systems are created equal though. Additionally, not all sound system rental companies in Singapore provide the same excellent service that you wish to have. In this regard, you have to be meticulous when choosing the sound system you will use for your event. You don’t want to let your guests down with distorted music, non-working audio, and a microphone that keeps cutting in and out, do you?

For any big or small event you are organising, a reliable sound system should be one of your top priorities!

We Provide Sound System Rental for Your Singapore Events

Whether you’re looking to have a wedding, a corporate event, an indoor birthday event, or an outdoor rave, Ivan & Levine Entertainment has the solution just for you. We offer individual equipment rental or complete sound system setups to suit your needs whatever they may be. As a trusted company in PA system rental Singapore, each piece of equipment we use is guaranteed to deliver high-quality sounds throughout your event.

We also offer sound system rental based on the room type of your event venue be it a banquet hall or an outdoor rooftop. Just let us know where you are holding your event and leave it to us to set up the best audio system, you’ll ever find in PA system rental Singapore.

Because we are committed to becoming the top choice for party animals in sound system rental Singapore, our sound system is not only set up by experienced soundmen, but they can also man the station throughout the event upon your request. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a professionally managed high-quality sound for your event. Your event will surely be a success when there are zero technical difficulties and downtime thanks to our reliable audio technicians.

Looking for Sound System Rental in Singapore?

Look no further! Ivan and Levine Entertainment offers a complete and reliable solution for weddings, conferences, and any type of event in Singapore. Leave all your sound system needs to us while you take care of the other aspects of your event. Contact us today and we’ll come up with the best audio solution for you.

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The Importance of Having a Reliable Sound System

The sound system is not just another set of equipment that you need to prepare for your next Singapore event. In fact, it plays a big role in the entirety of the program because it is responsible for adding sounds and music to your event. Whether you are hosting a corporate conference, a celebratory gala dinner, or even just the 20th-anniversary party for your parents, having a reliable sound system can add to the success of your event.

Below are the advantages of getting a reliable sound system from a professional entertainment company such as Ivan and Levine.

Uninterrupted program

With a functional and high-quality sound system, the program will be smooth and undisturbed. There will be no to little chances of having technical problems, such as distorted sounds, very loud volume, sensitive speakers, and wiring connection problems among others. You can be sure that audio and video sounds in the event will be perfectly executed.

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Clear speeches from event speakers

With a reliable sound system in place, listening and understanding the people who are talking in front is effortless. You can fully appreciate their speeches and will not have any trouble comprehending the topic being discussed.

Perfect music

If your event involves music, such as a concert or a wedding, hiring a reliable sound system rental Singapore company is all the more important. You don’t want your guests to be disappointed with unpleasant sounds or distorted music, so make sure that your sound system doesn’t fail you

Lasting impression

The sounds and music play an important role in the overall flow of your program. If the sound system you’re using is of poor quality, unstable, or wonky, it can ruin the mood of the event and leave a negative impression on your guests. They will remember your event as unpleasant and disappointing and may cause them to think twice about attending the next one that you’ll be organising.

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FAQ for Sound System Service

A basic package includes 2 speakers, 2 wireless microphones, 1 mixer, and 1 sound engineer.
For larger-scale events, we are able to provide additional or customized equipment specially catered to specific requirements. 

A wireless mic does not have a cable attached to it, hence providing greater mobility and is especially useful for a speaker who has to move about. 
A wired mic is a more affordable option but is more suited for events with speakers who are stationary throughout the event. 

A mixer might not be necessary for simple setups with a single microphone connected directly to the speaker. However, for setups with multiple microphones and speakers, a mixer is essential to control the individual equipment. A mixer will allow you to mute or unmute certain microphones, and to adjust the volume of the speakers as well.

There are column array speakers, point source speakers, and line array speakers.
Column array speakers are slim and tall in size and are suitable for events with space constraints. Its shape also means that it is more aesthetically pleasing and will be suited for events that are more visually focused.
Point source speakers are set up on a tripod and are the most common choice for most events due to their versatility and functionality. 
Line array speakers are mainly used for large-scale events such as concerts, with an audience size of more than a thousand. 

​Yes, our inventory for sound system rental includes quality equipment and protective covers that help the setup to be weatherproof. For light drizzles, there will be no problem at all. However, for heavy rain and strong winds, it will be necessary to take extra precautions to ensure the sound system setup runs smoothly.

​The basic sound system package starts from $500. However, the equipment needed varies across different types and scales of events. It will be useful to speak to us and we will be able to advise the optimal setup and provide a more accurate estimate.

​Yes we do small scale rental as well inclusive of delivery and setup. Please feel free to speak to our friendly personnel for more information.

Yes is it possible but not recommended as there are usually unforeseen situations and technical issues which may arise during the event? Our professionally trained sound engineer who is on-site will be able to assist with troubleshooting and ensure that your event goes on smoothly to provide the optimal experience for your guests and audience.

​Yes, we do. We have had past events with government agencies previously and are working with them on current projects as well. We are able to e-invoice via Vendor@Gov.

​Yes, we will be happy to assist with site visits to discuss your requirements and needs for your event. This will allow us to provide a more accurate quotation and also to ensure that we are well prepared to deliver up to our client’s expectations during the actual event.