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LED Video Wall Rental

Do you wish to advertise a product and reach as much foot traffic as you can? Are you hosting a live streaming event and you want people from different areas of your venue to be able to see what’s happening on stage? Do you want your concert background to be interactive and captivating to your audience’s eyes?

LED video walls in Singapore are the newest event trend! Why waste time and money in crusty school-project-looking stage setups when you can book us for an amazing video wall experience? We guarantee to be the most reliable LED screen rental Singapore company that will make your event or campaign a truly memorable one. Whether you’re hosting a concert, product launch, or live streaming event, we can offer you a superior and professional LED video wall rental Singapore service. 

The Importance of Using High-Quality LED Screen

A LED wall serves many purposes, such as casting corporate presentations, displaying outdoor ads, projecting events or concerts, and transmitting a live streaming program to name a few. However, if you’re using a low-quality LED wall, your objectives might not be achieved completely. For instance, if you wish to launch a new product using an outdoor LED wall billboard, but the screen you’re using is blotchy or fragmented, do you think customers will stop and look at your product ad? And even if they do, will they be able to fully understand your advertisement?

This is why you need to invest in a high-quality LED wall rental service in Singapore. Here are some of the reasons why it’s important to choose quality over affordability when it comes to using a LED screen for your events and advertising needs.

We Provide LED Video Wall Rental for Your Singapore Events

From corporate events to weddings, we can set up a high-quality video wall customised to your needs and preferences. Unlike traditional banner backdrops, LED video walls can play business presentations and wedding dedications on video. We can even ask important questions on your behalf such as “Will You Marry Me?”. Hitting two birds with one stone, video walls are the cost-effective and space-efficient solution to your event entertainment needs.

As a top-choice video wall provider in LED wall rental Singapore, Ivan & Levine Entertainment offers crystal clear resolution on our high-definition LED panels with guaranteed seamless transition. Our LED video walls are also customisable to any pixel pitch range and size to suit your needs perfectly. Because the LED panels are stackable, you can request to have them set up in any shape, or size to fit into both large and tight event spaces.

We have a reliable team of experienced engineers who have the expertise and track record to provide you with the right technical support. They will also man the video wall to guarantee flawless transitions and zero technical troubles. With our dedication to being a leader in LED screen rental Singapore, we offer customised all-in deals that fit your preferences as well as your budget. We have a team of friendly and service-minded individuals who will be happy to address any questions you have.

Looking for LED Screen Rental in Singapore?

Impress your guests on the next event you’ll be hosting with our seamless high-definition LED video wall solutions! For all your video wall rental needs, trust only Ivan and Levine Entertainment and we’ll sure to get you covered.

LED Video Wall Panel

LED video walls excel in brightness and reliability, producing stunning visuals in any location.

Video Processor

Video Signal Processors – Products that apply signal processing to convert, reformat, or optimize incoming video signals

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Superior brightness and picture quality

With a high-quality LED video wall, you can be sure that the message you will project on it will be fully comprehended and accepted by your audience. The excellent picture quality, crisp resolution, and superior brightness it brings will make your customers’ viewing experience positive and memorable. Moreover, when you use a superb LED screen, you can create a huge and heavy composite image and it will still come out nicely and perfectly.

Modern engagement and interaction

Compared to static billboards and traditional marketing posters, using a high-quality LED video wall encourages genuine engagement and interaction among your customers. You, as a brand owner, can tell a story through your video ads that your target audience can easily relate to, motivating them to trust your brand and do business with you.

Low maintenance cost

Unlike projectors, LED video walls in Singapore require less maintenance because they depend on top light engine technology. They are designed with maximum durability and reliability in mind, enabling you to use them for long periods with little to no maintenance. Especially if you choose Ivan and Levine’s LED screen rental Singapore service, you can guarantee that our equipment is built with professional, high-grade materials that can stand multiple usage and harsh environments.

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