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When you are planning a large event, whether indoor or outdoor, the stage that will be used is one of the primary concerns, for reasons. The activities and resources associated with setting your stage up from planning its design, procuring the materials and equipment, and actually constructing it to installing the facilities for its usage are just too overwhelming. After the event, you will still have to worry about dismantling the structure and storing the material you used for the stage’s construction. All these challenges could be done away with by simply renting a portable stage.

As long as you work with a professional service provider, stage rental in Singapore is practical, cost-efficient, and hassle-free.

We Provide High-Quality Stage for Your Singapore Events

By working with Ivan and Levine Entertainment for your event stage needs, you will have the advantage of dealing with a professional stage rental with many years of experience in the industry. We are a one-stop-shop for events solutions in Singapore providing rental and technical support to clients for all the equipment and facilities they need for their corporate or social events such as conferences, concerts, product launches, gala dinners, and many others. Our solutions have been proven and tested that have resulted in the success of many events and the satisfaction of our clients.

Our stage and stage platforms are versatile and flexible. They can function as a stand-alone stage or an extension to an existing stage structure. We use quick and easy-to-build modular systems that allow us to customise your stage or stage platform configurations. The stage’s length, width, and height are determined considering the maximum participants and equipment on stage. We can also design it larger depending on your and the performers requirements.     

Aside from our stage rental, we also provide rental and technical support for other equipment you may require for your occasion. They include high-quality advanced and top-of-the-line equipment such as stage lighting, audio equipment, projectors and projector screens, TV screens, truss and rigging systems, and pipes and drapes.          

Our licensed and insured professionals see to the safety of your event, erecting and robustly installing the right stage that can meet and exceed your expected loads. Our stage and stage platforms are also quality checked regularly for their safe use and operation. They likewise get tested for safety before going out of our shop to our clients. We are proud to have a zero accident record for all our projects.    

Our technical staff also strives to fulfill all other expectations you may have such as with the stage design to suit your event theme. They undergo continuous training to advance their skills and knowledge on our trade and keep abreast of the latest technology in stage assembly and operation.         

Our portable stage is typically set up within a day. After we understand all your needs, we shall proceed unimpeded with our job without necessarily involving you. You could go about with your more important business activities and event-related activities outside of stage preparation. Other stage setup activities we can support you with include raised stage with skirting, stage backdrop wall, and carpeted platforms. You will find our rates affordable and competitive among the top players in the stage and stage platform rental in Singapore.    

Looking for Stage Rental in Singapore?    

Look for Ivan and Levine Entertainment in your next event that requires a stage. We are the portable stage and stage platform rental in Singapore with the most extensive experience in the business. It is what you need to ensure your event will be safe, professionally managed, and successful. Call us for consultation. We can advise you which type of portable stage suits your event ambience and budget best. Let us work with you closely to come up with a stage you can be proud of.    

Types of Stage

Different sizes of stages cater to the event venue.

Types Of Platform

Different types of stages cater for various shapes and weights.

Technical Support

Let our friendly consultant and support advise and recommend you accordingly.

The Importance of Working with Professional Stage Rental in Singapore

Check that the rental company you will hire the services of is professional, not just any structure builders or fly-by-night contractors. A professional service provider that is specialised in stage rental has the right solution for your needs. You could expect to get these benefits:

The right solution for your stage needs

Being experienced, they can have standard or bespoke options for the type of event, the number of participants and guests, and other special requirements you may have.

Safe and efficient

Safety, a prime consideration for a professional stage rental company is not compromised. The stage is designed and installed to be structurally sound and far exceed the limits of the applications.
Their stages are usually modular in design that allow them easy and quick assembly and disassembly to meet your timing requirements.


With their available modular design stage, you don’t have to spend on new stage construction materials.

Technical experts

We can share our thoughts on how your stage and event overall could be best executed, drawing from our wealth of valuable ideas and experience from having worked with hundreds of clients for similar projects in Singapore.

Our Past Works

Stage Rental

Ivan & Levine Entertainment has a pool of crews dedicated to providing staging for your event:

Our stage and riser rentals are modular and come in various heights. Whether you need an outdoor event stage or a simple riser for a press conference we have a solution for you. In addition, we offer stage lighting, pipe and drape rentals, and backdrops that can be included in the package.

For occasions such as:

  • Weddings
  • Dinner meetings
  • Gala parties
  • Shopping mall events​​​​
  • Theater performances
  • Concert
  • Outdoor event
  • Festival

Basic stage package:

  • Price from $500 inclusive of delivery, set-up and tear down.
  • 12ft by 8ft by 2ft (height) with black skirting and stairs
  • Delivery, set-up & tear down
Price Varies depending on location and if the venue is not at ground level or lift access area.

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Number Of Successful Events



Quick responses

Quick responses to emails and calls. We are able to meet same-day and next-day requests with our huge manpower.

Flat rate pricing

The price for all our equipment rental is competitive.

Event planner

Let our friendly consultant and support advise and recommend you accordingly.

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