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TV Rental Singapore

When you have a reasonably large audience in your event, be it business or social, the effectiveness of your presentation will be limited by the size of your TV rental Singapore. You have to make sure then that you maximise its benefits to your audience by using a high-quality TV. Poor quality TV can only waste the opportunity for your participants to appreciate and understand what you want them to view.

A large capital outlay for high technology AV equipment like a TV screen is not necessary especially if you are to use it in a limited time. TV and touch screen TV rental in Singapore is a practical and effective solution to achieve the positive results you expect from your corporate or private events.

The Importance of Having High-Quality TV

Chosen properly, high-quality TV can be an effective tool in showcasing visuals you want the audience to see. The clear display and brilliant colours have the power to thoroughly engage your audience and keep them glued to the content on your TV screen. 

In a business setting, such as meetings and conferences, the high-quality display can render professional touch to your event, impress clients or investors and create confidence in them that you need for your business. High-quality TV is also an effective education tool. When used in seminars, the visuals that accompany the audio narrative can let students remember what they were taught long after the session has ended because the individuals’ sight and hearing awareness is heightened. 

Stunning visuals on your high-quality TV can make social events such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries memorable. They can provide the visual impact you desire letting your guests enjoy a unique experience and the occasion as a whole.

Looking for a TV Rental Singapore?

Rental TV can greatly enhance your event and the experience of your guests. Give us a call or contact us online to discuss your event particulars. By letting us know your function, theme, venue, and audience size, our professional team can work a plan out for you. We have reliable staff whose passion is excellent customer service. We consider the success of your event our own success and we’ll assist you in every way we can to realise it.

High-Resolution TV

Add brilliance to your presentations. well-defined images wherever you are, regardless of ambient light.

Mobile Stand

Adjustable mobile stand cater to your needs.

Technical Support

Let our friendly consultant and support advise and recommend you accordingly.

We Provide Touch Screen TV Rental Singapore

TV rental in Singapore can allow you to enjoy the benefits of high-quality TV for your events for a fraction of the cost of buying the equipment.

With Ivan and Levine Entertainment, you can leave the AV aspect of your program. We are a top-notch TV rental in Singapore with a wide inventory of TV screens to suit your event and budget. Available screen sizes range from 40 inches to 82 inches, giving you the option to choose the perfect TV screen size appropriate for your function. We are also a leading touch screen TV rental in Singapore. We have as customers for this segment mostly large and medium companies that utilise the advanced TV model for their interactive lobby displays and trade fair exhibits.

Our wide array of rental TV products is complemented by our accessories such as TV stands, wall mountings, media players, laptops, and HDMI cables.

You’ll have the opportunity to use the most advanced top-of-the-line TV brands using the latest technology from the products we have in our shop. They require no large financial outlay, are available for short-term to long-term rental, and have low weekly payments.

Getting our TV rental is hassle-free. We provide delivery to your venue, install and set the equipment up and guide you with their operation. Each TV that goes out of our shop for rental has been checked and tested so is the rest of our inventory, which is regularly quality-checked and maintained by our technical experts to ensure they don’t break down during use. In the rare instance your rented TV malfunctions, you won’t have to worry as the repair is on us. We can also immediately replace your equipment set when necessary. Our professional team provides round-the-clock support.

Our licensed audiovisual technicians are highly skilled in all aspects of LCD and LED TV operation including set-up, mounting, tuning, and troubleshooting. They undergo continuous advanced training to keep abreast with the latest technology in AV and television. Passionate about customer service, they ensure your TV is professionally installed and set up optimally for your best audiovisual experience. Their vast experience lets them be able to recommend the right LED or touch screen TV you need for your application in your corporate or private event considering the size of your venue and audience.

Expand Your Advertising Horizons with Digital Signage, LED Displays, and LED Posters

At Ivan & Levine Production, we are delighted to offer an extensive range of rental services to cater to all your advertising needs. In addition to our high-quality TV rentals, we are proud to provide cutting-edge digital signage, LED displays, and LED posters. Explore how these innovative solutions can enhance your marketing efforts and captivate your target audience like never before.

Elevate Your Advertising with Digital Signage, LED Displays, and LED Posters

At Ivan & Levine Production, we understand that in the dynamic world of advertising, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. That’s why we have expanded our rental services to include digital signage, LED displays, and LED posters. Our digital signage solutions offer unparalleled versatility, allowing you to create engaging content that leaves a lasting impact. With LED displays, you can present your brand message in stunning high-resolution, capturing attention and immersing viewers in a visual experience like no other. Additionally, our high-resolution LED posters, including the remarkable P1.8 LED poster, provide exceptional clarity and detail, making them an ideal choice for delivering impactful marketing campaigns. Whether you’re promoting products, announcing special offers, or seeking to create memorable experiences, our digital signage, LED displays, and LED posters offer the perfect tools to amplify your brand’s reach.

Expand your advertising horizons with Ivan & Levine Production’s comprehensive range of rental services. In addition to our top-quality TV rentals, we now offer digital signage, LED displays, and LED posters. Discover the power of captivating visuals and unlock new possibilities for your marketing campaigns. Contact us today to learn more about how our cutting-edge solutions can take your advertising efforts to the next level.

Types & Sizes of TV Rental

40 inch Samsung TV

  • Small scale up to 10 pax

55 inch Samsung TV

  • Mid scale up to 20 pax

65 inch Samsung TV

  • Mid scale up to 35 pax

75 inch Samsung TV

  • Bigger scale up to 50 pax.

82 inch Samsung TV

  • Bigger scale up to 50 pax

Samsung flip 55 touch screen

  • Touch Screen Function
  • Landscape / Portrait Mode

Led Poster | Digital Signage

  • P1.8 Led Poster
  • Expandable into a larger led poster

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