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You may have been to a live stage event in Singapore such as a concert, play, or press conference where there are stage lighting issues. You and other spectators probably left after the event not fully satisfied and with expectations unfulfilled. Improper lighting can effectively turn any stage event into a boring spectacle that doesn’t meet its intended purpose.

The Importance of Having Reliable Stage Lighting

Lighting can spell the difference between a successful event and a flop. Even a well-planned out stage event without the right lighting can fail to deliver. In such a situation, your objective in staging the event would not have been achieved, and the resources you used and all your efforts would have been wasted.

Unsuccessful events are costly, frustrating, depressing. Whether it is a one-off or a series of stage activities you plan, it is important to consider stage lighting as a major consideration. It can make or break your show or program. You may have the best speakers in your conference or exceptional actors and perfect scripts in your play but with poor lighting, you could end up ruining everything.

We Provide Stage Lighting Rental for Your Singapore Events

To ensure stage lighting is properly managed in your live stage events, get the expert services of Ivan and Levine Entertainment. We are a professional stage lighting rental in Singapore for stage events such as concerts, weddings, discos, roadshows, press conferences, and other live events indoor or outdoor.

We have years of experience in audio-visual technology and have helped with the stage lighting of thousands of successful events in the country. Our excellent track record in the events industry providing stage lighting expertise to both large and small companies, organisations, and individuals has made us the preferred stage lighting rental in Singapore.    

Our lighting technicians and lighting programmers are highly experienced. They also continue to undergo advanced training to upgrade their skills and be abreast of the latest technology in our field. Dedicated professionals, their passion is working behind the scene seamlessly managing stage lighting for the success of your event. Aside from programming and customising your stage lighting to suit your event theme, they can guide you through the whole process. 

We have the latest state-of-the-art lighting equipment that can deliver high-quality lighting effects throughout events. We maintain and test our sets of equipment regularly to ensure they don’t fail during use. In the remote instance they break down, we have redundant systems to avoid any glitch with your event.  

We leverage our expertise and lighting technology to make stage lighting a powerful and effective tool in the execution of your stage events. Through our lighting, you can be certain that everything you want to show your audience will be highly visible and highlighted, the right mood is set, and the spectator experience is heightened. We strive to make these events impressive and remembered by your audience long after they have concluded. You will also get the most competitive rates with our excellent service. 

Looking for Stage Lighting Rental in Singapore?

If you are planning to organise a future event, Ivan and Levine Entertainment can provide the stage lighting services you need to make your affair a success. We have the right solutions for all types of events. We offer the best value stage lighting rental in Singapore. Please feel free to call us to enquire about the specifications you may need for your stage or event lighting.

Stage Lighting

Stage lighting to illuminate theatrical productions, concerts, and other performances taking place in live performance venues

Lighting Control Consoles

Similar to the lighting itself 
the consoles are a key driver used in theatrical lighting design to control multiple lights at once.

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How does stage lighting affect your stage production?

It ensures visibility.

Any stage production involving audio-visual content needs good stage lighting. The action that transpires on the stage can only make sense if they are visible to the audience; it is the main role of stage lighting.

It sets the mood on stage.

Different lighting can set the mood and tone for scenes, especially during a performance. In a play scene, for example, natural lighting indicates a sense of normalcy and bright lighting portrays positivity. On the other hand, dark lighting indicates unsettling or somber scenes while flashing lights or a multitude of lights can be used for high-energy scenes.

It portrays emotions.

Stage lighting can help heighten the emotions the performers on stage portray and at the same time allows the audience to feel that emotion. Blue lighting, as an example, could be used for sad scenes in a play.

It highlights speakers, performers, or other aspects.

A speaker or performer could be emphasised by having a spotlight on them, drawing them into the foreground. Also, through lighting, emphasis on the other aspects of the presentation such as an artwork could be made.

It portrays the setting and elements in a play.

Lighting can be used for effects as such the time of the day, time of the year, indoor or outdoor environment, rain, storm, etc. without necessary narration.

It heightens the sound experience.

With lighting effects, the audience’s sound experience can be greatly enhanced. Good lighting can level up music performances.

Our Past Works

Stage Lighting Rental

Ivan & Levine Entertainment has a pool of engineers dedicated to providing stage lighting for your event. 

Our stage lighting includes :

  • Intelligent Moving Light
  • Architectural Lighting 
  • Conventional Lighting
  •  Atmospheric effects
  •  Follow spot Accessories
  •  Lighting Consoles

For occasions such as:

  • Weddings
  • Dinner meetings
  • Gala parties
  • Shopping mall events
  • Theater performances
  • Concert
  • Outdoor event 
  • Festival

Basic stage lighting package:

  • 8 x Moving head light
  • 1 x Avolite Tiger Touch
  • All required cabling, lighting stand, truss and accessories
  • 8 x Moving head wash
  • 1 x lighting programmer / technician 
  • Delivery, set-up & tear down
Price varies depending on location, duration of set-up given, and type of event (E.g live band/concert/ weddings)​ , and equipment used.

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