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A stage or venue used for an event that is not properly dressed up doesn’t exude the excitement of the occasion. It is a signal to the guests that a lacklustre and boring program lies ahead. An event venue’s look dictates how special an event or function is. Even when you have a well-organised program and talented speakers or actors, your event will fail to impress and its overall quality can suffer with a poorly decorated venue. 

Drapes are an essential decoration of an event venue or stage that can set the tone for the occasion. High-quality drapes can uplift the image of your event and keep your audience excited. Low-quality and inappropriate drapes, on the other hand, reflect a poor taste that can tell how your event has been managed.

Working with professional pipes and drapes rental in Singapore can boost the quality of your event and simplify your preparation efforts.

The Importance of Hiring Professional Pipes and Drapes Rental

Professional pipes and drapes rental in Singapore can add a professional touch to your corporate or social events. They can make your conference, product launch, exhibition show, or trade show booth look dynamic and highly engaging. They can transform an ordinary space into an immersive environment.

With their experience, they can identify the distracting features of the venue including walls, windows and doorways and cover them up with drapes. They can create a seamless single colour façade to direct the main focus of your audience onto the featured presentation or stage.

When you have challenges with space utilisation, the pipes and drapes rental service provider can help solve your space issue through the use of drapes as a room divider, exterior-interior divider, partitions, and to create aisles.

Professional pipes and drapes rental has all the solutions to your venue decorating needs such as exhibition stands, curtain backgrounds, stage backdrops, and drape decors for events including trade shows, industry functions, fairs, weddings, receptions, performances, and others.

We Offer Reliable Pipes and Drapes Rental for Your Singapore Events

Ivan and Levine is your rental company for everything you’ll need for your events and functions. A professional pipes and drapes rental in Singapore, we help you decorate your event venue to make it the ideal place to hold your special occasion or celebration.

We have a wide range of high-quality drapes that are functionally versatile. They are available in different sizes, colours, and textures suitable for all occasions. Our drape cloth is clean and wrinkle-free, which will enhance the elegant look and beauty of your event venue.

For an even more thrilling and suspenseful presentation of your product in a product launch or artist/ performer in a concert, you can avail of our special Kabuki drop system

We also cater to bespoke decorations to make your setup unique and according to your theme.

Give us a call or contact us online to know more about our pipes and drapes rental in Singapore and how we can make your next corporate or social event a resounding success through our other event support services.

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