P2.91 Led Video Wall VS P3.91 Led Video Wall

As technology advances, we are always seeking for better and higher quality equipment to support the live event. We are proud to be one of the first audio visual production company to own P2.91 Led video wall.

Here’s the question we received many times. What’s the different between P2.91 and P3.91 led video wall. The  answer is resolution. 

You probably couldn’t see much different if you’re building a huge led video wall. Example 20m by 5m. However, it will be very significant if the led video wall size is around 6m by 3m. Each P2.91 has 168px by 168px whereas P3.91 has 128px to 128px. For smaller led video wall, it will be very musher clearer when you use P2.91 led video wall.

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