Different Types Of Speakers

With all the research and development from all the audio system company. There are now lots of brand and size of sound system for different purposes. Now let’s us take a look at this three types of system.

First let’s look at point source speaker. It is the traditional speaker all purposes usually for up to 1000 pax indoor.
The point source speaker usually mounted on a tripod stand as the front of house speaker or it can also be use as a monitor speaker placing it on the floor angled approximately 45 degree.

The point source speaker price range from S$700sgd – S$3000sgd depending on the brand. Do keep in mind that if it is a passive speaker you would need a power amplifier to power up the speaker. We will talk about that next time.

The throw distance for a point source speaker ain’t very far. Generally around 15 metre to 30 metre. Hence if you have a huge venue to amplify, you will require to place more speaker for the audience to hear clearly. 

Column Array Speaker (EV Evolve 50)

Next we have the column array speaker. One of our favourite will be the EV Evolve 50. Usually the point source speaker will be use to amplify a room of up to 50 – 400 pax. We usually love to use the column array speaker for aesthetic purposes when client prefer something more sleek looking.

Although it might not look like it, the column array speaker is actually very powerful. The column array speaker has many smaller cone speaker at the top and a 12 – 15 inch bass at the bottom to balance the sound. 

The throw distance is not as far compared to the point source speaker but some prefer the sleek looking compared to the point source. Its a trade off. 

Line Array Speaker

Finally, let us look at the line array speaker. It is combining smaller cabinet of speaker forming a large speaker. The line array speaker has the longest throw distance. And depending on the distance is required, you can increase the number of speaker cabinet to increase the loudness of the system. The line array system can amplify up to 10,000 pax and more. It is also the most expensive system and it can cost more than million to have a proper system to amplify a sports stadium. 

The line array system require more experience engineer to configure as it is more technical and plenty of function for the array system. The cabinet can be adjust at different angle depending on the venue it can be configure differently.

Finally, there isn’t a need for you to worry about the sound system. At Ivan & Levine we are able to advise you accordingly on which system best fit your events. Talk to us and we will provide the best solution for you.

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