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For most businesses, Corporate Video Production is a necessity in most aspects of business, from marketing and advertising, user instructions and employee orientation. It is also used in training, events, press conferences, partner reports, and supplier or retailer proposals. In a digitally advanced country such as Singapore where most people have multiple gadgets at their fingertips, high-quality corporate videos are more in demand than ever. 

Furthermore, consumers nowadays are overwhelmed by online stimuli, and adults are always preoccupied with several things in their minds. These make it harder to keep their undivided focus and attention. A low-quality corporate video will only prompt them to move on to the next stimuli or disengage. That is why for every business that wants efficient, effective, and attention-grabbing videos, professional and high-quality video production is a necessity.

We are Singapore Video Production Company

With professional-grade equipment, years of experience, and profound knowledge and expertise in corporate video production, Ivan and Levine Entertainment offers professional videography and video editing services for your company and events in Singapore. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Creating a Storyboard

Video production is not just about shooting and editing. It takes intense brainstorming and creative planning to transform your vision into a solid work of art in video format. We help create a storyboard that graphically presents how the video unfolds.​


We capture the beautiful moments of your corporate event using cutting-edge equipment and create an engaging video masterpiece that showcases your brand and the message you want to send to the viewers.​

Scriptwriting & Voice Over

Our expert content creators and voice-over artists can help you deliver your message in an engaging fashion. Through a combination of powerful visual images and compelling words and delivery, we can create a corporate video that enthrals the audience.​

Video editing, music, and sound effects

From producing high-quality shots, piecing them together to tell a story to overlaying music and sound effects, we got it all cover to produce a captivating video that is worthy of your purpose.

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For any video production needs, it’s best to seek a trusted name with years of experience delivering top-notch videos. Here at Ivan and Levine Entertainment, you’re in good hands. We can help with various video production needs including events coverage, recruitment, and training videos, product introduction videos, and corporate video presentations, among many others.

Work with the best and produce excellent videos for your company. Contact us now and get an obligation-free quote from us.

The Importance of Hiring Professional Singapore Video Production Company

Hiring professionals to do your video production can seem like a financial stretch for some companies, especially if they think they can do it themselves or delegate the task to one of the in-house staff. However, consider the following reasons why hiring a good video production company would be the most beneficial option for any business:

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